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What are cookies?

This cookie policy explains how cookies are used by CVAS.

Cookies are small data files which are placed on your device when you visit certain parts of our websites, click on our webstie pages. We can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of our sites by you. For all other types of cookies, we need your consent. There are three broad ways to classify cookies: what purpose they serve, how long they endure and their origin. With respect to their endurance, cookies are either classed as Persistent cookies or Session cookies. Persistent cookies are retained on your device until you either erase them or your browser erases them when the cookie reaches its expiration date. Session cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser or once your session ends. With respect to a cookie's origin, cookies that are set by us are called first-party cookies and cookies set from a domain different from ours are called third-party cookies. Where cookies are set by third parties e.g. Google, we have no control over those cookies but do not share personal data with these third parties. The specific cookies placed by third parties can be subject to change by those third parties. We will keep this cookie policy up-to-date but please note that the specific cookies listed in this policy at a given time may not reflect the current list of cookies in use.

What cookies do we use?

Strictly Necessary cookies are required for the operation of our websites by:
This allows us to know whether data can be collected from your web browser temporarily allowing you to carry information between pages of our websites to avoid having to re-enter that information temporarily identifying your device after you have logged in to a secure page on one of our websites so that our web server can maintain a dialogue with your web browser in order for you to carry out certain activities. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

Functionality cookies are used to recognize you when you return to our websites. This enables us to:
remember the choices you make (such as your language and region) so you do not have to re-enter that information when you return to our websites personalize our websites’ content for you.

Performance cookies are used to help us improve our websites by tracking your visits to our websites and recognizing your web browser when you are a repeat visitor so that we can gather statistics on new and repeat visitors to evaluate site effectiveness.

Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy rights is important to us. Please understand the purposes for which we process your personal data and who it may be shared with:
This Privacy Statement relates to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data, including special personal data, by any member of CVAS. Personal Data is information relating to an individual. The data controller of your personal data is CVAS entity you have or may have a relationship with or with whom an account is maintained that you are a security provider for. Our Office functions may also be the controller of your Personal Data.

Purposes for which we may process your Personal Data

To enable us to fulfill the contract between us for the products or services you have requested, we need to process your personal data for purposes including the following:

1. Processing applications for services, transactions and completing instructions or requests.
2. Providing products and services.
3. Assessing suitability for services.
4. Operational purposes.
5. Statistical purposes.
6. Establishment, continuation, and management of CVAS relationships.