The new and updated CVAS portal can be found at this link. This site IS NOT LIVE for sample submission, but for review. See HERE for a client portal quick guide and full operations manual.

Our Mission

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS) is an agricultural laboratory focused on providing feed and forage analysis services. Our technologies support animal production, feed manufacturing, agronomy, biofuel production, water quality, and manure management needs in the U.S. and globally. Our success in meeting client needs is evidenced by our broad client base, long-term relationships, and scale of operations. We look forward to discussing opportunities to support your analytical needs.

How It Works

CVAS provides quart-sized sample bags at no charge. The sample bags have a form affixed that provides the user the opportunity to identify the sample and request services without additional paperwork. If you are submitting your sample using the mobile app or website for general information, please be sure to include your account number and UniqueID on the sample bag that was given during the submission process.

CVAS can provide poly shipping bags for shipping samples. These work for shipping samples by UPS and U.S. Mail. Two sizes are available: 12 inch x 15.5 inch at $0.25 each and 19 inch x 24 inch at $0.70 each.

To order US Postal shipping labels and/or UPS shipping bags you may call us toll free at 1-800-282-7522, or fax us at 301-790-1981. We request that you obtain Priority Mail shipping bags from your local Post Office.


CVAS has been certified by NFTA yearly since we began participating in the program over 20 years ago. CVAS is certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for manure testing.

News And Updates

2023 Holiday Schedule
Dated: 2/4/2022 1:45:09 PM

CVAS will be closed on the following holidays during 2023. ...

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