The new and updated CVAS portal can be found at this link. This site IS NOT LIVE for sample submission, but for review. See HERE for a client portal quick guide and full operations manual.

NIR Services

CVAS was established as a “chemistry” based laboratory, but quickly embraced NIR as a tool to meet market needs for rapid and cost effective testing of forages and feeds.  As we develop more approaches to feed evaluation, NIR provides us the opportunity to evaluate a feed for 30 constituents as quickly and for little more cost than what we would evaluate a sample for 5 constituents. Because of our volume of chemistry analysis and the large number of sample types from across the country (and world-wide), we are able to put together some of the most comprehensive NIR equations available to the feed industry. We continually revise equations for addition of new feeds, additional seasonal data, new nutrients, and to incorporate improvements in chemistry accuracy and precision.  We continue to add equations for additional feed types as client interest directs.