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In Situ Digestibility Services

To provide our customers the greatest flexibility in determining the digestibility of feeds CVAS provides in situ services in addition to our in vitro digestibility services.  In situ services are provided for dry matter, crude protein, NDF and starch analysis.

For the greatest customer service CVAS maintains 10 to 12 cannulated lactating cows at a nearby dairy farm.  This provides flexibility to hang large numbers of bags for in situ evaluations, at the same time having access to large amounts of rumen fluid for invitro incubations.  All in situ samples are run in duplicate in three cows for a total of six replications.

Dry Matter Digestibility In Situ per Time Point:
Time Points* - 24, 30, or 48 hours
Reports dry matter digestibility.

Protein Digestibility In Situ:
Time Point - 16 hours
Dry matter digestibility, protein, and protein digestibility reported NDF Digestibility In Situ per Time Point: Time Points* - 6, 24, 30, 48, 96 or 120 hours Dry matter digestibility, NDF, and NDF digestibility reported Starch Digestibility In Situ per Time Point: Time Points* - 7, 16 or 24 hours Dry matter digestibility, starch and starch digestibility reported. * Other time points available on request.


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