The new and updated CVAS portal can be found at this link. This site IS NOT LIVE for sample submission, but for review. See HERE for a client portal quick guide and full operations manual.

Affiliate Lab Support

CVAS works with a number of partners to provide NIR equations serving specific local markets, both in the U.S. and abroad.  We provide NIR equations and the technical support to allow a “local” lab to provide extensive and quality NIR analysis to their clients.   Web based software provides the local lab the opportunity to manage data and reporting functions and to provide their clients with extensive data management tools. 

Our software supports multiple languages allowing us to support reporting and web data management services in the language of the host country.

Where we don’t have equations specific to local feeds or forages, CVAS will work with the host country to develop appropriate equations.

We currently work with a number of different NIR platforms. Please contact us for more information at or by contacting Ralph Ward directly.

For more information on our current affiliate locations, please see our website HERE.