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Feed Report Calculations

Commonly used equations for generating feed and forage related calculations are provided below. The information provided in the spreadsheets has not been verified and the accuracy of any of the calculations is not guaranteed. The user takes all responsibility for the use and interpretation of this information.

Equations for estimating energy from various systems including New York and Pennsylvania

Estimates of Energy Availability, NFTA (estimates of energy availability.mht)

OARDC Summative Energy Equation of Weiss

OARDC TDN and NEL Spreadsheet 
"OARDC Summative Energy Equation"

NRC 2001 Energy Calculations

NRC 2001 Energy Calculation Spreadsheet 
"Energy in the 2001 Dairy NRC: Understanding the System", Jim Linn, University of MN  

Relative Feed Value (RFV) Calculations

RFV Calculation Spreadsheet
"Relative Feed Value Index" 
"Forage Quality Testing and Markets: Where are we going?", Dan Putnam

Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) Calculations

"RFQ", Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin 
"RFV vs RFQ – CVAS Perspective", R. Ward and M. B. de Ondarza

Van Amburgh NDF Digestibility Rate Calculations

Van Amburgh Rate Spreadsheet (NDF rate calculation spreadsheet) - Coming Soon
"Corn Silage Neutral Detergent Fiber – Refining a Mathematical Approach for Invitro Rates of Digestion", M. E. Van Amburgh, P. J. Van Soest

Milk 2006 Calculations

Milk 2006 Spreadsheet
"Corn Silage Evaluation: Milk2000 Challenges and Opportunities with Milk2006", Randy Shaver, University of Wisconsin

Protein Calculations

"Adjusted Crude protein"

DCAD Calculations

DCAD Balance Spreadsheet
"Paying Attention to Dietary Cation-Anion Balance Can Mean More Milk and Fewer Metabolic Problems", Charles C. Stallings