The new and updated CVAS portal can be found at this link. This site IS NOT LIVE for sample submission, but for review. See HERE for a client portal quick guide and full operations manual.

General Information for Drop Boxes

In order to more fully meet our clients needs, CVAS offers sample pick up routes in California, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania.  Routes in Indiana and Ohio will be coming soon. The informational bulletins below will provide additional information for each route.

When dropping off samples, please send a text message to the number on the top of the drop box with the location, account name, and number of samples dropped (also found below). This information will assist us in planning the pick-up on any given day. Drop box locations may change or be increased over time as we obtain feedback from the field.

Clients utilizing our drop box route system will be billed $3.00 per sample to underwrite the cost of drivers, vehicle use, and mileage.

Results for NIR analysis should be available the next business day, following drop off. Sample bags and testing information is available at each drop location. Supplies may also be requested by emailing

Please be respectful of the businesses that have given permission for us to place drop boxes at their locations. Thank them for that privilege if you have opportunity. We look forward to serving our client’s needs.

Below are informational bulletins of each drop box route including times for pick up and pictures of each location, the complete address of each business, and a map with all locations marked (numbers next to the locations below, match the locations on the map).



New York - Central

New York - Western


Pennsylvania - Eastern

Pennsylvania - South Central 

Minnesota - The drop box for our Zumbrota, MN lab is located at Plainview Milk Products (20 9th St. SW, Plainview, MN).  Clients dropping samples off at this location should call 507-732-4441 with the time the samples were dropped off and the number of samples.  Pick up at the Plainview location is 8:30AM, however, samples are only picked up with prior notification.

Location Text Number
California (North)  855-933-3531
California (South, Bakersfield and Shafter areas) 855-490-1039 
 New York (Western, and Wed. pick up) 888-573-9205
 New York (Western, Batavia area) 888-443-2039
 New York (Central) 855-219-0751
 Pennsylvania  877-888-1523

Standard messaging rates may apply.




Drop Box picture