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Equations and Nutrients

Utilizing our vast chemistry data collected over the last 19yrs, CVAS has been able to create some of the best equations in the industry for NIR predictions.

Given our large capacity for chemistry analysis, we can quickly and cost effectively generate data for NIR calibration development.  Below are some of the equations that we have developed for Forage and Feed Analysis (a PDF version of this list is located here).

  • Almond Hulls*
  • Bakery Waste *
  • Barley Silage
  • Beet Pulp*
  • BMR Corn Silage
  • Brewers Grain, wet or dry*
  • Canola Meal*
  • Corn Gluten Feed*
  • Corn Grain
  • Corn Silage
  • Distillers Grain, corn
  • Feather Meal*
  • Grass Hay
  • Grass Haylage
  • Hay
  • Haylage
  • Manure
  • Pasture
  • Small Grain Silages
  • Small Grains*
  • Sorghum Grain
  • Sorghum Silage
  • Soybean Meal*
  • Soybean Forage
  • Straw
  • Stover
  • TMR
  • Wheat Midds*
*The NIR Plus Option is not relevant for these feed types.