The new and updated CVAS portal can be found at this link. This site IS NOT LIVE for sample submission, but for review. See HERE for a client portal quick guide and full operations manual.



CVAS provides quart-sized sample bags at no charge. The sample bags have a form affixed that provides the user the opportunity to identify the sample and request services without additional paperwork.  If you are submitting your sample using the website for general information, please be sure to include your account number and Unique ID on the sample bag that was given during the submission process.

CVAS can provide poly shipping bags for shipping samples. These work for shipping samples by UPS and  U.S. Mail. Three sizes are available:

12" x 15.5" - $0.25/bag 19" x 24"-  $0.50/bag 24" x 24" - $0.60/bag

To order US Postal shipping labels and/or UPS shipping bags you may call us toll free at 1-800-282-7522, or fax us at 301-790-1981. We request that you obtain Priority Mail shipping bags from your local Post Office.

UPS Ground Service: $13.50
UPS Second Day Service: $30.00
UPS Overnight Service: $44.00

Postal Service: $9.00 or as billed by the Post Office.

Clients utilizing our drop box route system will be billed $3.00 per sample to underwrite the cost of drivers, vehicle use, and mileage.

Packaging Guidelines and Procedures:

  • FOR GROUND SERVICE: Use a rigid box with flaps intact that is consistent with the volume and weight of sample(s) being shipped.
  • FOR OVERNIGHT OR SECOND DAY SERVICE:  Mylar shipping bags must be ordered with our overnight and second day service labels.  Labels will be delivered affixed to the ordered bag size.
  • Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous and now irrelevant shipping markings from the box.
  • If shipping liquid material, place those containers in a sealable plastic bag.
  • Use adequate cushioning material particularly with heavy or liquid samples.
  • Use tape designed for shipping.
  • Affix labels for easy viewing with complete delivery and return information.
  • Place your samples with a completed submission form inside the box.

A complete guide to our Shipping Label Use Requirements can be found HERE.



Shipping Information for UPS/FEDEX

Waynesboro Facility Shipping
4999 Zane A. Miller Drive
Waynesboro, PA 17268

Batavia Facility Shipping
Batavia Forage Lab
5049 Clinton Street Road
Batavia, NY 14020-3357

Zumbrota Facility Shipping
Zumbrota Forage Lab
38 Jefferson Drive, Suite A
Zumbrota, MN 55992

Madison Facility Shipping
Madison Forage Lab
918 Jonathon Drive.
Madison, WI 53713