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Forage Sampling

Listed below are links to various resources and reference material that you may find useful for determining your forage testing needs and preparing forage samples for lab testing. Following the recommended sampling procedures will insure that the sample you prepare for forage testing will be an overall representation of  your selected forage lot.

Benefits of Forage Testing
The National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) says "Forage testing is one of your best return on investment opportunities".

Taking Forage Samples
Following an accepted and tested sampling protocol insures the sample is an accurate representation. 

Hay Probe Recommendations
Using a hay probe is a very important part of proper hay sampling.

Sampling Pastures for Nutritive Analysis
Forage management information (Adobe PDF file) from the Extension Service at West Virginia University.

Feed Ingredients
Article at discusses common feed ingredients and lists commodities with a brief description and common nutrient analysis