NIR Analysis

As the largest chemistry based forage lab in the U.S., we have the resources to generate some of the most extensive NIR calibrations in the industry. As well as providing NIR services at the three CVAS facilities, we support a number of NIR labs in the U.S. and abroad.

Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) allows for rapid determination of multiple nutrients and characteristics of a feed or forage. It is a fast, cost effective process available for evaluation of most forage types. Given the volume and breadth of chemistry evaluations that CVAS provides, we are able to be a leader in the provision of NIR services. For a listing of forage applicability and predicted nutrients, you can View the following document For an excellent review of the basics of NIR technology, you can view the NIRS White Paper.

CVAS is unique in providing combinations of NIR and chemistry services that are available in certain reporting packages. You can view the listing below for details.

NIR 1 Analysis
The NIR 1 Analysis includes tests for Dry Matter, Moisture, Crude Protein, ADF Protein, NDF Protein, Soluble Protein, ADF, NDF, Lignin, Starch, Sugar, Fat, Ash, Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), and Potassium (K) with pH by traditional method on an ensiled forage. Calculated values are provided for Available Protein, Adjusted Protein, Degradable Protein, NEL, NEM, NEG (OARDC Summative Energy Equation), and NFC.

NIR 2 Analysis
The NIR 2 is the NIR 1 Analysis with wet-chemistry Minerals - Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), and Copper (Cu).

NIR 3 Analysis
The NIR 3 is the NIR 2 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Chloride (Cl) and Sulfur (S).

NIR 4 Analysis
The NIR 4 is the NIR 2 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Crude Protein, ADF, and NDF.

NIR 5 Analysis
The NIR 5 is the NIR 1 Analysis plus wet-chemistry on Crude Protein, ADF, and NDF.

NIR Plus Option
The NIR Plus Option provides 30 hour NDF Digestibility and an NIR evaluation of Fermentation acids (for ensiled forages) on the five NIR Analysis options listed above. For Corn Silages, the NIR Plus Option gives the additional value of Enzyme Available Starch and an indication (Low, Medium, or High) of soil contamination.