Manure Methods

Anylate                                                                                Method                                               Reference

Solids                                                                    Overnight at 105 C           Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis

Volatile Solids                                                  Ash at 550 C                        Standard Methods

Total Nitrogen                                                  Combustion                       Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis

Ammonia N                                                        Titration                              Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis

Minerals                                                              Acid digestion, ICP          Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis

   (P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu)


Water Soluble Phosphorus                         1:100 solids:water           Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis


Carbon                                                                 Combustion                       Leco Application Note

pH                                                                          Electrode                            Rec. Methods of Manure Analysis

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